Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday is a play day

This morning when we took Louise for a walk, it was sunny, and while not warm, was at least much more comfortable than it has been. We decided to cut through the dog park on the way back to give Louise a chance to stretch her little legs.

Big mistake.

Well okay not really, but today the dog park was very muddy. So Louise got quite filthy as she romped around in the grass and mud. She didn't mind though, because there was a Labrador Retriever to play with.

So when we got home, the first thing we did was to give Louise a bath. She's never thrilled with that prospect, but doesn't really mind either, so long as the water isn't too hot or cold. Her favorite part of course, is getting towelled off afterwards, when she tends to get quite silly.

So she has been having a good day so far. Now that we have her dry, she is lounging with us on the sofa, taking a rest so she can be ready for tonight's walk.

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