Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chewing on a salmon skin bone

On the days when Louise has been really good, we sometimes treat her with a special bone made from dried salmon skin. She just loves them, and it generally takes her a good hour or so to completely eat them.

I am not so fond of them. They stink really bad.

I'm not kidding about that. They already smell through the package a bit, but when she starts to gnaw on them, the salmon skin starts to soften, get slimy and really stenchy. There are even times when we have to get out the scissors to cut the softened salmon skin into manageable chunks so that someone doesn't choke on them. But despite the strong smell, it's quite obvious that Louise just loves these treats, so we indulge her.

This photo was taken shortly after giving her the treat, and as you can see, she hopped up on her blanket like a good dog because she knows she gets in trouble if she eats that stinky thing on the bare sofa. Also note Louise is sitting in the traditional 3 leg pose, where she has one of her hind legs pointing between her two front legs. From most angles, this makes it look like she has only the three legs.

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