Friday, January 20, 2006

one eye blue one eye green

While Louise certainly posed for this photo, the results were quite unexpected. The flash reflects against her eyes in weird and wonderful ways, depending on the angle.

Well Louise can be a bit cross eyed, which explains how in this photo, her eyes are reflecting different colours. No photoshop required for this one - I didn't even have to crop (which I almost always do.)

Now, it has been suggested that perhaps the colour is due to Louise drinking margaritas. I can neither confirm nor deny this suggestion, but I will say that we do have all the required ingredients at home, and we do keep the liquor in a lower cabinet that Louise has access to. Draw your own conclusions.

You see what she is doing with her teeth in this photo? Most of the time she doesn't look like this, but every now and then when she closes her mouth, she lets her teeth poke out. After a few mins she generally adjusts to hide them again. Needless to say, my wife (and I) like this look a lot, and refers to her 'smile' by how many teeth are showing. It ranges from just one tooth to about what we have here - a whole row.


Iggy and Bella said...

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Iggy and Bella

Lily said...

ooooooooooh... scary! not the picture that is... I just linked to iggy and bella's site on my blog!!!!!
And, I would love to link to heavy breathing!

If you could link back to that would be great!