Monday, July 04, 2005

Bad Habits

Tug of war
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
Recipie: One part dog, two parts children, a half measure of supervision. Mix well and leave it alone for about 15 mins.

What do you get? Two boys playing with a wet dog, all enjoying themselves immensely. You also get one grandmother happy not to have to chase her grandkids for a few moments.

In addition to that, you also get the kids teaching the dog some bad habits, like pulling on her leash, tug-o-war style. Our trainer advised us that this was not a good idea unless we were going to train the dog to do guard duties. The big problem with it is the dog starts to think it is more dominant over the person playing with it, especially if it wins. Once a dog thinks it has dominance over a person, it starts to think that it is calling the shots, and will not listen as well as the owner generally would like.

But for us, the 10 minutes of play probably had no ill effect. And it was fun watching the silliness.

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