Monday, June 20, 2005

Horseback riding

Horseback riding
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For the past two weeks, Louise has been vacationing with friends on a small horse farm. She had fun chasing away the neighboring dogs, herding cattle and trying to make sense of these strange creatures called 'horses'. The horses were equally fascinated with Louise, who fortunately, had good sense around these animals and managed to say out from underfoot. About the only thing Louise did not care for was to be sniffed by the horses, and about the only thing one of the horses cared to do was to get close enough to Louise for a proper inspection (ie. a good sniffing.)

In this first picture, Roxanne is helping Louise up on the horse so we could get a picture. Both the horse and dog were at ease around each other, making this possible.

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Susan Taylor Brown said...

oh gosh...Louise on the horse is fab!