Thursday, May 12, 2005

Louise at the office

Sleepy smile
Originally uploaded by iTripped.
It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I bring Louise into the office with me. It usually means that I am working on the weekend, and that she is due for a nap as those are the two conditions required for the visit to be a success.

The last time I had her in, Kevin (a co-worker) happened to have his camera with him, and he took a bunch of pictures. Louise was quiet until the doberman next door started to bark. Eventually she settled down and we were able to get some work done.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

DK, Love, love, love what you did with the banner. Louise is a doll. My border collie mix (rescue dog) doesn't get along with other dogs at all but there were two pugs in our old neighborhodd that she adored. I felt bad moving her away from her only friends.
Susan, major dog lover

iTripped said...

Louise is also a rescue dog. Her former owner also bred English Mastiffs, but kept them in conditions poor enough to warrant removal by the SPCA. We have found that Louise can be aggressive around some dogs, and very patient around others. There is no consistent method of predicting which dog she will be good around, but even when she does misbehave, she doesn't really do any damage.

Fortunately, Louise has only been affectionate around people and has never (to our knowledge) acted aggressively toward anyone.

Rae said...

A friend stumbled across your blog and told me about it-since I am a new pug owner she knows that I can't get enough pug!! Louise is adorable-my pug's name is Layla and if you look on my blog-somewhere in May archives is a link to some pics of her.